ACM/IEEE Intl. Conf. for High Perf. Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, SC 2018

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Title: ShenTu: processing multi-trillion edge graphs on millions of cores in seconds
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Authors: Heng Lin
  • Tsinghua University
Xiaowei Zhu
  • Tsinghua University
Bowen Yu
  • Tsinghua University
Xiongchao Tang
  • Tsinghua University
Wei Xue
  • Tsinghua University
Wenguang Chen
  • Tsinghua University
Lufei Zhang
  • State Key Laboratory of Mathematical Engineering and Advanced Computing
Torsten Hoefler
  • ETH Zurich
Xiaosong Ma
  • Qatar Computing Research Institute
Xin Liu
  • National Research Centre of Parallel Computer Engineering and Technology
Weimin Zheng
  • Tsinghua University
Jingfang Xu
  • Beijing Sogou Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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DBLP Key: conf/sc/LinZYTXCZHMLZX18
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