ACM/IEEE Intl. Conf. for High Perf. Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, SC 2018

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Title: PRISM: predicting resilience of GPU applications using statistical methods
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Authors: Cham Kalra
  • Apple Computer
Fritz Previlon
  • ARM
Xiangyu Li
  • Northeastern University
Norman Rubin
  • Northeastern University
David R. Kaeli
  • Northeastern University
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DBLP Key: conf/sc/KalraPLRK18
Author Comments: PRISM provides a systematic approach to predict failures in GPU programs. PRISM extracts micro-architecture agnostic features to characterize program resiliency, and serves as an effective predictor to drive our statistical model. PRISM can predict failures in applications without running exhaustive fault injection campaigns, thereby reducing the error estimation effort.

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