Design Automation Conference, DAC 2016

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Title: Clear: c̲ross-l̲ayer e̲xploration for a̲rchitecting r̲esilience combining hardware and software techniques to tolerate soft errors in processor cores
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Authors: Eric Cheng
  • Stanford University
Shahrzad Mirkhani
  • Stanford University
Lukasz G. Szafaryn
  • University of Virginia
Chen-Yong Cher
  • IBM Research
Hyungmin Cho
  • IBM Research
Kevin Skadron
  • University of Virginia
Mircea R. Stan
  • University of Virginia
Klas Lilja
  • Robust Chip, Inc.,
Jacob A. Abraham
  • University of Texas at Austin
Pradip Bose
  • IBM Research
Subhasish Mitra
  • Stanford University
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DBLP Key: conf/dac/ChengMSCCSSLABM16
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