USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation, NSDI 2017

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Title: Efficient Memory Disaggregation with Infiniswap
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Authors: Juncheng Gu
  • University of Michigan
Youngmoon Lee
  • University of Michigan
Yiwen Zhang
  • University of Michigan
Mosharaf Chowdhury
  • University of Michigan
Kang G. Shin
  • University of Michigan
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NSF Award Numbers: 1629397, 1563095, 1617773
DBLP Key: conf/nsdi/GuLZCS17
Author Comments: Infiniswap is a remote memory paging system designed specifically for low-latency and kernel-bypass networks.It opportunistically harvests and transparently exposes unused memory to unmodified applications by dividing the swap space of each machine into many slabs and distributing them across many machines' remote memory. Because one-sided RDMA operations bypass remote CPUs, Infiniswap leverages the power of many choices to perform decentralized slab placements and evictions.

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